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Tantalum and niobium are biocompatible and non-allergenic, with high melting points, high corrosion resistance, and ductility at high temperatures. They also have a small coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, for application to medical care, aerospace, chemical reaction processes and many other uses in metal additive manufacturing.

What are conflict minerals?

What are conflict minerals? "Conflict minerals," as defined by the US legislation, currently include the metals tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold, which are the extracts of the minerals cassiterite, columbite-tantalite and wolframite, respectively. Downstream companies often refer to the extracts of these minerals as 3TG.


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Keith, Stanton B., comp., 1969, Map of known metallic mineral occurrences (excluding base and precious metals) in Arizona: Arizona Bureau of Mines, 1 sheet, scale 1:1,000,000 [now available as Arizona Geological Survey Map M-4-2]. Map, Locale, Copper, Gold ...

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The review presents synthetic approaches to modern rhenium-based catalysts. Creation of an active center is considered as a process of obtaining a nanoparticle or a molecule, immobilized within a matrix of the substrate. Selective chemical routes to preparation of particles of rhenium alloys, rhenium oxides and the molecules of alkyltrioxorhenium, and their insertion into porous structure of ...

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Tantalum is a gray, body-centered cubic metallic element, with atomic number 73 and atomic weight 180.948. It has two natural isotopes 180 and 181, the latter being the more abundant. The electronic configuration of tantalum is [Xe]4f 14 3d 3 6s 2, with common valence of 5+.

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 · Tantalum and niobium import volume United Kingdom (UK) 2009-2014. Published by Statista Research Department, Sep 1, 2016. This statistic illustrates the annual import volume of tantalum…

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 · Tantalum is the major component of micro-capacitors, which stabilise the power supply and generally total more than 700. Nickel is used in the microphone. Alloys including the elements ...


Natural tantalum consists of two isotopes: 180m Ta (0.012%) and 181 Ta (99.988%).181 Ta is a stable isotope. 180m Ta (m denotes a metastable state) is predicted to decay in three ways: isomeric transition to the ground state of 180 Ta, beta decay to 180 W, or electron capture to 180 Hf..

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Tantalum alloys with other elements have great strength, good ductility and high melting points. Niobium is mainly noted for its enhancement of strength and toughness in stainless steel (Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center). Table 2.2 - Properties of Tantalum and Niobium Metal. Density.

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Tantalum is estimated to make up about 1 ppm or 2 ppm of the Earth''s crust by weight. There are many species of tantalum minerals, only some of which are so far being used by industry as raw materials: tantalite, microlite, wodginite, euxenite, polycrase.Tantalite (Fe, Mn)Ta 2 O 6 is the most important mineral for tantalum extraction. ...

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Tantalum is a hard, grayish-blue, metallic element. Its atomic number is 73 and its symbol is Ta. It has a very high melting point 2996°C (5425°F). This melting point is exceeded only by that of carbon, tungsten, and rhenium. Tantalum is remarkably resistant to attack by air, water and most acids.

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Tantalum is also produced in Brazil, Malaysia and Thailand as ''tin slag'', a by-product of tin mining and smelting. Tantalum raw materials are also being explored in Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Madagascar, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

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Prepared by Robert M. Callaghan [(703) 648–7709, [email protected]] TANTALUM (Data in metric tons of tantalum content unless otherwise noted) Domestic Production and Use: Significant U.S. tantalum mine production has not been reported since 1959. ...

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 · Egyptian tantalum niobium and tin deposits. Abu Dabbab and Nuweibi deposits (tantalum-tin-feldspar), Feasibility study upgrade,Gippsland,tantalum-tin project located on the western shore of the Red Sea;Abu Dabbab and Nuweibi tantalum-tin-feldspar deposits having a combined resource of 138 million tonnes;The Company''s Abu Dabbab and Nuweibi ...

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Tantalum UNS R05200 – Unalloyed Tantalum EB Melted UNS R05400 – Unalloyed Tantalum Power Metallurgy Grade UNS R05252 – 97.5% Tantalum, 2.5% Tungsten UNS R05255 – 90% Tantalum, 10% Tungsten UNS R05240 – 60% Tantalum, 40% Niobium

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Who we are SJM Alloys & Metals Limited ("SJM") is a privately owned, ISO:9001 2015 certified Company founded in 1993. Our trading office is located just to the North of London. The physical processing facility is situated in Rotherham. We recycle, process, trade and melt special alloys and metals. We supply

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Tantalum is twice as dense as steel and it is highly ductile at high temperatures. It has the fourth highest melting point of all metals and is able to form extremely thin and protective oxide layers for high-quality capacitors. Our tantalum powder has high surface

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1 Volume 35 C. R eichl, M. S chatz Minerals Production Vienna, 2020 World Mining Data 2020 Iron and Ferro -Alloy Metals Non-Ferrous MetalsWorld Mining Data 2020 3 Preface Raw materials are the lifeblood of the economy. The sufficient supply of mineral raw

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